Prescription Drug Rehab in Lee County, Florida

Prescription medication is necessary for many people to live healthy lives. These drugs help individuals manage a variety of issues from high blood pressure to mental health conditions. But some of these medications come with the risk of addiction if they aren’t taken according to their prescription. If you or someone you know is struggling with the use of prescription drugs, prescription drug rehab may be the right place to get help.

But how do you know if you need professional help for a prescription drug addiction? And how can you choose the best rehab near you? Keep reading for answers to all of your questions about prescription drug rehabs.

What Does Prescription Drug Abuse Look Like?

Prescription Drug Rehab

Before considering whether you need a prescription drug rehab, it’s important to first have a solid understanding of how addiction to prescription medications grows over time.

To start, prescription drug addiction or dependence can take weeks or years to develop. During this time, many individuals are afraid to admit they need help and avoid seeking addiction recovery services. But anyone can develop a prescription drug addiction. This happens when someone uses a prescription medication that doesn’t belong to them or uses it in a manner not prescribed. What starts off as casual prescription drug abuse or misuse can be dangerous and result in addiction or dependence.

The best way to combat prescription drug misuse is to seek help from a physician or another medical professional before it turns into an addiction. They can go over your options and help you come up with an alternative treatment plan in case you still require some type of medication to manage your health condition. Moreover, they can connect you to a prescription drug rehab center such as The Willough at Naples if you are struggling with prescription drug dependence or addiction.

Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction 

Although these medications are prescribed by a doctor or physician, they can be just as dangerous as illicit drugs when they are misused. Many adults require the services provided through a prescription drug rehab to safely begin their addiction recovery journey. Due to dangerous withdrawal symptoms, you shouldn’t try to stop using them by yourself.

Some of the common signs you may have an addiction to prescription medication include:

  • Using more of the substance than needed or for longer than intended
  • Continuing to use the substance despite causing health issues
  • Using interferes with work, school, relationships, and other obligations
  • You no longer engage in activities important to you due to substance use
  • Spending a great deal of time thinking about, getting, using, or recovering from the substance
  • Experiencing cravings for the substance
  • Having to regularly increase the dosage to get the desired effects
  • Experiencing withdrawal when you reduce your dosage or stop using it
  • Trying to stop using the substance but being unable to

All of the above are signs of prescription drug abuse or addiction. If any of them resonate with you, it may be time to seek out a professional. It’s never too late to get the help you need.

How Is Your Mental Health Impacted?

Common prescription drugs such as opioid pain relievers, tranquilizers, stimulants, and sedatives come with an increased risk of addiction. Although these medications come with a variety of unique side effects, all of them have the potential to cause symptoms of mental health conditions when misused. If these symptoms are a direct result of misusing prescription medication, then they are likely to go away once usage has safely stopped. To do so, you should seek professional help first. However, prescription drug misuse can also exacerbate underlying mental health conditions that are contributing to addiction. This may be a sign of co-occurring disorders.

Prescription medications that slow you down, such as CNS depressants, can cause depression if you’re taking high doses or misusing them in other ways. Withdrawal can cause feelings of anxiety, especially if you are already struggling with an underlying anxiety disorder. On the other hand, misusing stimulants can also cause anxiety disorders as well as psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia, to develop. Withdrawal from these substances can lead to symptoms of major depression.

Taking other drugs or alcohol to mitigate unpleasant side effects of misuse can worsen symptoms affecting your mental health. Additionally, they can increase your risk of life-threatening symptoms including slowed breathing, slowed heart rate, and seizures. Enrolling in a prescription drug rehab can help you safely and effectively end your addiction one step at a time.

Prescription Drug Rehab Treatment Options

Prescription Drug Rehab Treatment Options

The Willough at Naples provides a safe and tranquil environment for adults seeking help from an accredited prescription drug rehab in Florida. Patients will have an individualized treatment plan designed with their unique experiences in mind. This way every patient can achieve their short-term and long-term recovery goals while at the center. We help patients accomplish these goals by addressing the complexities of addiction through a variety of multifaceted treatment approaches.

Medical Drug Detox

The first step when entering a prescription drug rehab is typically the drug and alcohol detox. This program helps individuals overcoming substance use disorders begin their recovery journey. Detoxification rids the body of toxins during the withdrawal process. The length of this process and the symptoms you experience depend on a variety of factors. Such factors include the prescription drugs and other substances you were using, the length of time you were using them, and the amount you were using.

During the throes of addiction, your body forgets how to function without drugs in your system. This is why you experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop using the substance. Unfortunately, these symptoms are often the reason individuals relapse while attempting to recover alone or don’t start the process in the first place.

Fortunately, a medical detox makes it easier to put an end to your opioid addiction or any other prescription drug addiction. Throughout this process, a team of physicians, mental health professionals, and more will navigate you through the start of your recovery. Their goal is to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible as you undergo withdrawal. Every staff member is experienced in helping adults begin active recovery so they can effectively recover at their own pace.

Inpatient Prescription Drug Rehab

After completing detox, patients move on to treatment options that help them address the root of their addiction. Committing to a prescription drug rehab allows you to heal your mind and body for long-term success. Treatment centers such as The Willough at Naples offer inpatient addiction and mental health services so patients can learn to gain control of their mental health in a supportive and structured environment. Therefore, patients remain at the center for the duration of their treatment program.

Through treatment options such as cognitive behavioral therapy, you can learn more about how your thoughts and behavior influence your addiction and mental health struggles. In addition to regaining control, this therapy can help you build your self-confidence and improve your communication skills. Together, these skills and habits can help you can overcome your addiction one day at a time.

Other treatment options available at The Willough at Naples include:

The therapeutic activities available through inpatient rehab programs prepare patients for handling their triggers once they return home. Many of the life skills and coping mechanisms incorporated into the teachings of these programs are necessary for long-term recovery. What you learn while in prescription drug rehab can help you manage obstacles in the future.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment in Naples, Florida

The Willough at Naples is a mental health and addiction treatment center dedicated to helping adults across Florida improve their well-being. Our patient-centered recovery approaches help every patient in our facility focus on their unique self-improvement journey. Enroll in our prescription drug rehab today to begin your healing journey.

If you’re ready to overcome your prescription drug addiction and improve your mental health, contact our admissions specialists by calling 239-688-3063 or submitting a confidential contact form online. It’s never too late to take the next step in addiction recovery.

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