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The staff at the The Willough at Naples is committed to providing quality, safe care to everyone we serve. We are dedicated to life-long learning, patient-centered healthcare and research-based clinical practice. Our programs are constantly improved based upon the needs of our patients, and our doctors, nurses, and other staff are constantly listening for what is most needed.

Our comprehensive behavioral health and diagnostic services are designed to help patients and their families achieve total wellness over the course of their lifetime. We recognize the potential of dedicated and caring health care professionals, and the impact they can make on our patients’ lives. Each of our staff are chosen for their experience, education, and track records of providing compassionate care. We believe that communication is the key to making a successful recovery.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Recovery is possible and attainable for individuals suffering from dual diagnosis or mental illness. We believe that through age-appropriate, culturally-sensitive care, and patient-centered treatment, our patients can become productive, healthy citizens of the communities in which they live.

The staff of the The Willough at Naples is dedicated to providing quality individualized and planned treatments, making it possible for patients to reclaim their lives from mental health and co-occurring illnesses. Our interdisciplinary teams have established a structured and supportive environment where patients learn to identify problems and develop effective solutions. With our combination of medical, educational and skill-building therapies, patients can develop the capacity to effectively deal with a wide variety of issues. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation for recovery so that our customers can experience an improved quality life, now and in the future.

Dr. Leonard A. Lado, M.D.  – Medical Director
9776 Bonita Beach Road SE, Suite 202B
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
(239) 948-4325

Dr. Mark Lokitus, DO
9001 Tamiami Trail E.
Naples, FL 34113
(239) 775-4500

Dr. Norma Henriquez, M.D. – Pyschiatrist
9001 Tamiami Trail E.
Naples, FL 34113
(239) 775-4500

Dr. Kavitha Gudur, M.D. – Medical Services
9001 Tamiami Trail E.
Naples, FL 34113
(239) 775-4500

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