Silver Lining Program


Behavior Management

The Silver Lining Program offers a variety of programming and therapies designed to help older adults handle and express difficult emotions in healthy, constructive ways. Aging comes with many new experiences that can sometimes be uncomfortable or frightening. The Silver Lining program is designed for seniors and offers programming with peers they can relate to. Through our behavior management strategies, elders learn to process these feelings without lashing out at the people who mean the most to them. Let us help your loved one see the Silver Lining in their daily life.

Reintegration Back To Their Home And Community

The end goal of treatment should always be to have happy, healthy seniors returning home. By giving older adults peace of mind and an improved sense of self-confidence, we empower them to return home as contributing members of their community. Every elder’s situation is different, but regardless of mobility or independence level, the Silver Lining Program can help older adults find a role that suits them back at home.

Specialized Skills Of Interdisciplinary Team Members

With our interdisciplinary staff, we can address countless issues that affect the senior population. Each client is assessed to identify their specific needs. Whether that means treating mental health conditions, improving independence, or providing support through the challenges of aging, our team of licensed professionals is ready to provide key assistance. Our medical and clinical staff address the body and mind and the issues that aging can bring.

Onsite PT / OT Services

Often, older adults find themselves frustrated by what their bodies can no longer do. To help improve physical ability and celebrate what their bodies still can do, we provide on-site physical and occupational therapies. By easing aches and pains and improving mobility, we empower older individuals to become more active and take pride in the tasks that their bodies can still perform. The Silver Lining Program includes Recreational Therapy designed for older adults.  Daily activities will stimulate their minds and bodies and engage them in activities that bring pleasure.

Medical Director Specializes In Gerontology

With a senior staff member specializing in gerontology, we are uniquely equipped to help elders. While every individual is unique, there are common issues faced by older Americans, and we have the highly trained staff to help them navigate these issues and find real, effective solutions to their problems.

Medication Management

Medication management includes prescribing and managing your medications. For example, an older adult who feels chronically anxious or worried could be experiencing an unpleasant interaction between medications. Some may abuse medications with poor outcomes. Often, seniors take several medications and just need help getting back on track with proper dosages and medications.  In this way, we work with elders to find the right balance of medications and other therapeutic techniques to support their health and wellness.
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