Recreational Therapy

Recovery through Recreation

Activities to strengthen motivation and self-esteem

At The Willough we offer recreation therapy because we are strong believers in the power of staying active. A busy body & mind are the key factors in acquiring and maintaining a healthy body & mind.

Under the guidance of our certified therapists and activity coordinators, our patients enjoy a variety of activities that focus on establishing trust between peers, building self-esteem, promoting teamwork, confronting compulsive behavior, and encouraging open communication.

people playing basketball

Our Top Recreational Therapy Activities


Since The Willough at Naples is within a short walk to the beach, we thought it was only fitting to provide the #1 sport associated with it. Volleyball is not only a fantastic workout, it can also be enjoyed by nearly anyone of almost any fitness level. Playing in small teams helps our patients learn to cooperate with one another, communicate strategies, and give words of encouragement. Coordinators ensure that teams are fair, games are safe, and that all players work to help each other in a positive way.


Aquatic therapy is held in our sun-bathed pool, where patients are led by coordinators to complete exercises using water resistance and buoyancy. This form of activity doesn’t stress the joints, making it especially effective for those suffering from chronic pain. Patients enjoying this therapy experience improved circulation & flexibility while releasing stress and channeling exercise into positive thinking.

Arts & Crafts

Following themes that address recovering from substance abuse and psychological issues, The Willough’s arts & crafts activities serve our patients as a method of expressing their thoughts, emotions, and opinions through creativity. It’s not about how artistic someone is; rather, this activity focuses on teaching patients how to channel their thoughts into something constructive, so they can take an objective look at what they’ve made, and what their peers have made, to learn something about themselves, and work through issues from a different angle.

Board Games & Table Games

During their free time, patients have access to a game room, where we offer a range of enjoyable activities they can play with one another. Through these games, patients are encouraged by staff to talk, share, and cooperate with one another in a positive, friendly setting.

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