If you are in search of the best inpatient mental health facilities in Florida, look no further. The Willough at Naples understands the range of needs expressed by those confronting mental illness. We know how to best address those needs, and we wish to share that insight with you as you begin healing. Below, we’ll discuss the components that go into creating the most effective hospitalization programs for mental health.

No matter what your troubles include, we want to make sure you receive efficient care of the quality you deserve. Before selecting a mental illness treatment center, ask questions and do your research. For the benefit of your recovery, it’s important to choose a facility that meets your needs and the standards below.

Mental Illness in the United States

When to Get Help for Mental Illness

When to Get Help for Mental Illness

Over 50 million people reportedly live with at least one mental illness, though the real number is likely even higher. Between factors like stigmatization and a lack of accessible healthcare, many individuals who struggle with mental health may not pursue a formal diagnosis.

For this reason, it’s more important than ever to educate people on the realities of mental illness and psychiatric hospitals. Confusion, shame, and misinformation make people less likely to seek the help they need, but it shouldn’t be this way. Mental health treatments should be available to all who stand to benefit from them.

Who Needs Inpatient Treatment for Mental Health?

Before we discuss the best inpatient mental health facilities in Florida, it may help to identify whether you need that level of care. Inpatient treatment is one of the most intensive options for those seeking mental health services. Furthermore, it can help with a broad selection of both mental health disorders and acute episodes of distress.

For example, The Willough at Naples welcomes people with a wide range of mental illnesses. These include:

However, not everyone with a mental illness needs inpatient treatment for it, and not everyone who needs inpatient treatment has a mental illness. For instance, grief, financial instability, and relationship turmoil are all examples of events that can have a strong, negative impact on someone’s mental health.

Whether that impact is enough for them to need inpatient treatment often boils down to how it affects their functionality in daily life. The same is true for mental illnesses. If it impairs someone’s ability to take care of their basic needs, they may benefit from inpatient treatment.

Lastly, someone who poses a threat to themselves or others should most likely visit a mental health center. Symptoms like suicidal ideation, excessive substance use, or aggressive remarks often indicate a deeper issue that needs to be treated.

Best Inpatient Mental Health Facilities in Florida

What gives the best inpatient mental health facilities in Florida their title? To be considered one of the “best” options, mental health treatment centers should offer transparency and quality. If you aren’t certain how to gauge those factors, don’t worry. We’ve outlined several traits to look for in any prospective treatment facility.

Individualized Treatment Plans

No two people have the exact same experience with mental illness. What works for one person may not work as well for another. Therefore, mental health treatments should be flexible. The best inpatient mental health facilities in Florida offer treatment plans designed specifically for each patient. A uniquely tailored approach makes it possible to fine-tune recoveries to suit the distinct challenges faced by every individual.

In addition to personalization, consider the breadth and depth of available treatment options. To maximize the opportunity for a successful recovery, it’s important to select a facility equipped to try several different methods.

The Willough at Naples utilizes numerous treatment modalities, such as:

When a treatment program offers a variety of therapeutic activities, the odds of someone finding those that work best for them increase. In other words, they can gain more exposure to the most effective treatments for their specific needs. At a facility that offers individualized approaches like The Willough at Naples, their treatment plan can then bend to reflect what works best.

Dual Diagnosis Programs

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

For some individuals, mental health issues go hand-in-hand with substance abuse. In fact, almost half of the people who live with a mental disorder will also experience a substance use disorder, and vice versa. Collectively, they are known as co-occurring disorders for how frequently they appear in tandem.

If you are someone whose mental health has been affected by substance abuse, look for a treatment center with a dual diagnosis program. The best inpatient mental health facilities in Florida will often recommend this type of program for individuals with co-occurring disorders.

Dual diagnosis programs help people recover from addiction while still addressing their other mental health needs. The two conditions are often linked, meaning that the symptoms of one may worsen those of the other. To return to daily living and minimize the chance of relapse, both issues should be treated together.

Full Continuum of Care

From initial assessment to long-term aftercare planning, the best inpatient mental health facilities in Florida provide guidance for patients every step of the way. Transitioning back to everyday life can be its own challenge, so it is vital to select a treatment center that remains by your side through every obstacle.

The mental health program at The Willough at Naples delivers a full continuum of care. Patients undergo psychiatric assessments so our team can identify factors like triggering events, problem areas, and individual strengths. This information is used throughout the remainder of treatment, evolving as necessary.

In addition, treatment teams partner with social workers to plan for discharge very early on. We want to make every change seamless, safe, and effective, now and well into the future.

Similarly, our dual diagnosis program boasts a very comprehensive level of care as well. Dual diagnosis patients often start with a medical detox, which The Willough at Naples provides to those who require it. At this level of care, the emphasis is on treating the physical aspects of addiction and preparing you to address underlying causes of addiction during dual diagnosis.

The team supporting you throughout recovery will not vanish at discharge, either. Our dual diagnosis program extends all the way through relapse prevention education and planning.

Above all else, we value your long-term happiness and stability. Patients who choose The Willough at Naples can rest knowing their recovery is always our first priority. From the moment someone calls for the first time, they are a cherished member of our community.

Best Mental Health Facilities in Florida for Addiction

The Willough at Naples is proud to provide first-class mental health care services to those in need. Whether it’s a standalone mental health issue or a co-occurring addiction, we’re ready to help. Our licensed staff of experienced physicians and therapists work as a cohesive unit to deliver compassionate, impactful care. Immerse yourself in our facility’s calm and nurturing environment to improve your mental health and learn healthy coping skills for the future.

To learn more about our treatment plans, please call our admissions specialists at (239) 688-3063 or submit a confidential contact form. They’ll walk you through any additional questions you have. Afterward, they can help you enroll in one of the best inpatient mental health facilities in Florida. It’s never the wrong time to prioritize your mental health and get started on the path to recovery.

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