Drug and alcohol addiction affects millions of individuals every year. It shackles them with a physical dependence on a substance, and that reliance can be difficult (as well as dangerous) to confront alone. To stop using a substance safely, someone may look for a “detox clinic near me” instead.

If they don’t reach out for help when they need it, they risk watching their relationships, career, emotional stability, and physical health slowly deteriorate. In 2021 alone, drug overdoses were responsible for the deaths of over 104,000 Americans. Combined with the deaths and accidents caused by alcohol impairment, it becomes abundantly clear that substance abuse is not a trivial matter.

Fortunately, if you or a family member struggles with addiction, you can get help. It may sound daunting, but you only need to take it one step at a time. You can start by choosing a detox clinic nearby and addressing the physical impact of your addiction. Afterward, you can transition to a thorough treatment program to progress through the stages of recovery.

How to Choose a Detox Clinic Near Me?

Detox Clinic Near Me

One question you may have about detox is, “Why should I go to a detox clinic near me instead of detoxing at home?” The answer involves several factors, but ultimately focuses on patient safety and comfort.

For example, detox is often an unpleasant experience due to adverse withdrawal symptoms. While the less severe symptoms may only be uncomfortable, more serious withdrawal symptoms can require medical intervention. This is the biggest reason that people look for a “detox clinic near me.”

For these reasons, most professionals recommend a medical detox instead. A medical detox is a specialized treatment program that involves a team of licensed medical professionals. This type of detox program eliminates most of the risks associated with the detox process.

Typically, detox only becomes dangerous when emerging complications remain untreated. Therefore, with the support of trained physicians and addiction experts, patients can stay safe by participating in a medical detox, even if signs of complications do arise.

As long as any worsening symptoms are met with quick, informed action, detox is a safe and controlled procedure. For this reason, we recommend looking for a “detox clinic near me” instead of trying to quit any substances by yourself.

Withdrawal Symptoms

As mentioned previously, detox and withdrawal symptoms are almost inseparable. Even with the aid of a medical detox clinic, some symptoms are only partially soothed rather than alleviated entirely.

However, there is also good news. Most withdrawal symptoms are fairly mild, and some individuals won’t experience anything more than minor discomforts throughout the five-to-seven-day process.

The specific withdrawal symptoms someone experiences during detox depends on the substance they wish to quit. Different types of drugs present different challenges during detox. That being said, some of the most common withdrawal symptoms that overlap between substances include:

  • Sweating
  • Tremors/shaking
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability or agitation
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Fever

Potential complications may include seizures, coma, or very high blood pressure. If left unaddressed, these symptoms can result in a medical emergency.

Luckily, medical detox programs can minimize the impact of withdrawal symptoms and ward off the dangers of more severe cases. To avoid having to deal with these symptoms by yourself, ask, “Where can I find a detox clinic near me?” and get professional support from drug rehab centers.

Addiction Treatment After Detox

Addiction Treatment After Detox

For many people living with substance use disorders, finding a “detox clinic near me” is only the first step to recovery. After detox, they may still have emotional and mental scars from addiction. It may leave them wondering where to go, what to do, or how to start the next phase of addiction recovery.

Luckily, the Willough at Naples holds an edge over other medical detox centers by providing additional treatment at the same facility. We offer a dual diagnosis program as a common follow-up to medical detox to ease the transition between different stages of recovery.

Our dual diagnosis program treats individuals with co-occurring disorders, or simultaneous substance abuse and mental health problems. We chose to focus on co-occurring disorders due to their prevalence; over half of the people with substance use disorders have another mental illness as well.

By providing care that targets both conditions, we can decrease the risk of relapse and guide our patients toward long-term sobriety and fulfillment. If we fit your criteria for a “detox clinic near me,” we will happily provide additional support long after detox as well.

Evidence-Based Treatment Options

Your quest to find the “best detox clinic near me” led you to The Willough at Naples because of our high quality treatment programs. But what makes them so effective?

Every step of our addiction treatment roadmap is based on research-backed, cutting-edge treatment options. We utilize only the best practices in our recovery plans, taking into account the unique stories of our patients to tailor each program to their precise needs.

Some of the treatment options used at The Willough at Naples include:

Each component of our treatment plans exists to promote a specific aspect of recovery. Some benefit communication skills, while others focus more on emotional regulation or the processing of past trauma. Our thorough, exhaustive approach to addiction treatment makes us a contender for the “best detox clinic near me.”

Furthermore, our patients have access to all of our treatment options, regardless of whether they choose inpatient or outpatient treatment. We want to provide the best care possible, and we understand that every individual in our care has specific requirements that change what that looks like. No matter what trials you face, however, know that The Willough at Naples is prepared to help you overcome them.

Best Detox Clinic Near Me

If you struggle with substance use disorder and wish to recover, your search for a “detox clinic near me” may end with The Willough at Naples. We are an addiction treatment center that helps individuals with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health conditions.

Our medically assisted detox program serves as an exceptional starting point for anyone hoping to overcome addiction. We boast safe, home-like detox facilities in which someone can stop using drugs or alcohol with minimal discomfort.

If you have additional concerns or queries, please reach out to our admissions team by calling (239) 688-3063 or submitting confidential contact form online. We will be happy to answer any questions like, “Why is this the best detox clinic near me?” and help you develop a long-term recovery plan.

The effects of addiction do not have to last forever. Get the help you need at The Willough at Naples today. With our support, you can regain control of your life and secure the future you want.

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