What is My Why: Kristen M., Human Resource Director

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My name is Kristen Mangham. I have been with The Willough since March 2013. Since starting at The Willough, I have worked directly with patients as a Unit Clerk in our Detox Unit, and continued on that path to my current position as the Human Resources Director. But the constant throughout my time at The Willough has been my dedication to patient care.

As the Human Resources Director, I empower our staff members to provide the best care possible. That means ensuring HIPAA and other regulatory compliances, resolving conflicts before they impact our patients, and other tasks that keep our employees ready to provide great care.

I have a personal connection in the field of mental health and substance abuse for many reasons; foremost that I suffer from anxiety and depression. Additionally, I have family members with mental health issues, so I have a deep understanding of exactly how these issues can impact someone’s life. 

Another connection to this field is that I have experienced a life shared with someone suffering from substance use disorder. I spent many years married to someone who had bipolar disorder and substance abuse issues, and this has informed my experience both helping patients and empathizing with their families. Addiction is never easy on anyone,  and I make a point to remember that in every dealing I have with our patients and their loved ones.

My favorite times at the Willough have been when patients tell me things about their life, their past, their struggles, and their plans for the future. I truly loved my time spent with the patients and encouraging them to get through the difficult process of detoxing and entering recovery.

I enjoy the mental health and substance abuse field because I relate to these struggles and feel driven to do everything I can to make someone’s time at The Willough as welcoming as possible. It has always been my personal goal at The Willough to help as many people as I can, because I do not know what they are going through, and showing someone kindness and support can make a real difference. That’s the kind of difference I get to make with my work, and I’m grateful for that every day. 

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