Whether you know it as crystal meth, speed, crank, chalk, or ice, methamphetamines exist as one of the most addictive and dangerous types of drugs. People use meth to chase short-term euphoria and often overlook the long-term implications until it is too late. As occasional drug use evolves into pervasive drug addiction, someone may find themself thinking, “I need to find a meth rehab near me.”

Fortunately, no matter how deeply someone is affected by their addiction, they always have the choice to start recovery. The compassionate staff at The Willough at Naples will never give up on anyone who wants to get better. We will remain at their side and help them through the trials of meth rehab to secure the fulfilling future they deserve.

The Meth Overdose Crisis

The United States is in the middle of an overdose epidemic. Many people first think of opioids when they hear about overdose deaths, but the role of meth in this crisis should not be understated, either.

Consider, for example, the fact that meth overdose deaths in the United States tripled between 2015 and 2019. Every day that year, over 42 people died due to methamphetamine overdose and its complications. Since then, national overdose rates have only continued to climb.

Because of how dangerous meth abuse can be, it is crucial to seek addiction help as soon as you identify you have a problem. By searching for a “meth rehab near me,” you have already started to take the necessary steps to protect your mental and physical wellbeing.

Meth Detox

Meth Detox Near Me

Finding a “meth rehab near me” is only the first step to recovering from addiction. The truth is, addiction recovery is a multistep process that should incorporate several vital components to maximize success. When it comes to meth rehab, the initial step is typically to detox from meth. The detox process refers to stopping drug use so the body can readjust to functioning without it.

The beginning of meth detox often involves a “crash” from meth, during which patients may experience severe abdominal pain, nausea, and sweating. The most extreme period of the crash typically takes place within the first 48 hours of detox. During this time, patients may also feel sluggish or slowed down, both physically and cognitively.

Following the initial crash, patients may encounter withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Paranoia
  • Tremors/shaking
  • Dry mouth
  • Chills
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability or agitation
  • Changes in appetite

Meth withdrawal is also characterized by strong, lingering cravings for meth that may last several weeks. Cravings can make it difficult to commit to detoxing if it is attempted at home. If someone tries to detox while they still have access to meth, they may relapse to escape unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

For this reason, addiction experts recommend choosing a medical detox when quitting meth. Thus, when looking for a “meth rehab near me,” it is important to narrow your search to treatment centers that offer detox services as well.

The Willough at Naples is one such treatment facility that offers a medical detox program. Our meth detox places patients under 24/7 medical supervision, ensuring they have access to immediate help should they require it. While most meth withdrawal symptoms are not life-threatening, being under the care of medical professionals ensures patients can be kept as comfortable and safe as possible.

Meth Rehab Programs

While the term “meth rehab near me” suggests the existence of a single, all-encompassing rehab program, the reality shows otherwise. Everyone who lives with meth addiction has a unique experience with it. Factors like the severity and length of someone’s addiction, as well as the state of their home life, can affect the type of rehab they would benefit from the most.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

Addiction often exists alongside other mental health disorders. The Willough at Naples specializes in treating these co-occurring disorders. We offer a dual diagnosis program that balances addiction treatment with important mental health care.

Our dual diagnosis program utilizes an assortment of evidence-based treatment options, including:

Each component of our inpatient treatment serves a specific purpose. Some help patients look inwardly and develop vital emotional processing skills. Others help them reconnect with others and maintain a strong support network through healthy communication.

Meth addiction is much more than physical dependence. Our dual diagnosis treatment allows patients to heal from the physical aspect while elevating their mental health to new heights as well. If you’ve had a thought like, “I wish there was a great meth rehab near me,” The Willough at Naples could be your answer.

Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Rehab

You may have determined that your mental health would benefit from dual diagnosis treatment. However, there are still other factors left to consider when looking for the “best meth rehab near me.” For example, we offer two different tiers of support for dual diagnosis: inpatient and outpatient rehab.

Inpatient treatment offers the highest level of care to struggling individuals. Residential patients move into a comfortable room at the treatment facility and fully immerse themselves in recovery. Every day, they participate in individual workshops and group activities that teach them the necessary coping skills.

The type of outpatient treatment we provide is called partial hospitalization. During a partial hospitalization program (PHP), patients continue living at home. For exposure to our therapeutic activities, PHP patients visit the treatment facility for several hours each week. This allows them to remain engaged with their communities and practice their newfound coping skills.

Someone may search for a “meth rehab near me” that offers inpatient treatment if their meth addiction is severe or if they lack a sober home environment. Successful addiction recovery depends on being in the right environment, ideally free of demotivating and enabling behaviors. Inpatient rehab provides the preferred atmosphere for those who may not experience it elsewhere.

On the other hand, someone may elect for outpatient rehab if they already live in an encouraging environment. PHPs are also effective for people whose addictions are not as drastic. For those individuals, partial hospitalization offers the structure and guidance they need to overcome meth addiction.

Best Meth Rehab Near Me

Your quest to find a “meth rehab near me” could end today if you live near Naples, Florida. The Willough at Naples is a behavioral health center that treats adults with drug or alcohol addiction and mental illness. We offer a medical detox and dual diagnosis treatment for individuals struggling with addiction.

Our treatment facility boasts a tranquil, retreat-like environment designed to promote recovery. Patients can tackle their personal obstacles in a stress-free atmosphere while surrounded by people who genuinely care. Their time at The Willough at Naples is characterized by partaking in enriching therapeutic activities and building a long-lasting, unconditional support group.

For more information about how our meth rehab treatment can help you, call us at 800-722-0100 or fill out a confidential contact form online. We equip our patients with all the tools and resources they need to overcome drug abuse. If you reach out to us today, we would be more than happy to do the same for you. Together, we can make the dream of long-term recovery into reality.

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